Seeking exciting, fun babies for a new online series from the producers behind Disney’s TRYathlon and DreamWorks TV.

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From the Producers of Disney’s TRYathlon and Dreamworks TV comes a fun new show that answers the age old question of who is faster… the tortoise or the BABY?!

Now casting, “Baby Races!”

Is your little one crawling from one end of the room to the other? Find out if your baby has the speed to take on Mother Earth’s other crawlers! Is your baby faster than a turtle? A wind-up robot? Enter the Baby Races and find out!

Now seeking babies who are crawling (and not yet walking) to enter the races in this fun challenge! Those who participate will receive a gift certificate for the one-day filming in Los Angeles, CA.

Get Ready, Set, Goo-goo-ga-ga-GO!!!

Those interested must email the following information to

– Parent name, phone number and email.

– Baby name, sex and age.

– 3 photos of your baby.

– 2 video clips of your baby crawling (short 15-30 second clips only, please).

– Instagram username if we can see more pics/videos of your baby.

– Confirm availability for the one-day filming on November 21st 

Send all information to