Seeking those who want to explore an unconventional or taboo lifestyle, hobby, look or activity.

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 3.06.22 PM

Everyone has a fantasy.

You aren’t defined by society’s standards and there’s a part of you that loves something “taboo.” If you have a secret life, passion, goal or hobby that gives your life joy or excitement, we want to hear from you!

Now Casting “Secret Life” (working title).

Fly on the Wall Entertainment is now seeking males and females nationwide who are at least 21 years of age and interested in exploring an unconventional lifestyle, hobby, look or activity that might surprise people. You may get the chance to potentially live out your fantasy or take it to the next level for one week with the help of an experienced coach to show you the ropes!

Seeking those with an extreme interest in the below and more:

Body Modification, Witchcraft, Cross-Dressing, Biker Gangs, Plastic Surgery, BDSM, Exotic Dancing, Vampirism, Going off the Grid/ Participating in a unique living situation, Unconventional Fetish…

What’s your fantasy?

Email your name, age, photos, contact info, social media links and a little about your fantasy or secret passion to:


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